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Case Study #1

A software company had an annual users meeting that had grown from 200 to almost 400.

Because it was the only large meeting they had it was hard for them to negotiate the best hotel rates and terms. The planner had other exhibits to plan all year round so he was very busy. After consulting with him, I attended his next meeting to learn more about it.

What I found was not only an opportunity to assist them with sourcing the meeting and negotiating the best contract, but their in-house registration efforts had not been able to keep pace with the growth of attendees. In addition, they were still printing a large meeting publication and were without the ability to make changes after it had gone to print. Enter ConferenceDirect’s Registration and Mobile App services.

For several years now we have been able to find the best hotel for their needs, negotiate the contract and follow the meeting through operation – all at no cost. Our registration and mobile app services have been paid for by the reduction in printing. The mobile app allows real-time communications with attendees to remind them of functions, make changes to rooms or the agenda and allow their sponsors to receive recognition.

Now at about 500 attendees the conference is contracted through 2020 and now looking at 2021. ConferenceDirect gives them the peace of mind that these responsibilities for a successful conference are handled by a company with expertise so they can concentrate on program content, sponsors and their attendees.

Case Study #2

A national, niche medical association has a very small staff and their annual meeting was being contracted by a different person from year to year, just about 6 months out from the meeting.

They asked advice of another medical meeting planner and they referred them to SH CD. I consulted with them and found that they had little ongoing history records of their annual meeting, which are critical when negotiating future contracts. +

I worked with past hotels to establish their history and negotiated my first contract for them. The group grew substantially that year so I had to continue to negotiate with the hotel for more rooms.

Like many medical meetings they require a large amount of meeting space so we now book their annual meeting two years in advance to ensure they can select the destination of their choice.

Case Study #3

An insurance/finance association needs to meet in New York City every year; however, based on the size of the group they weren’t able to negotiate the best rates and terms at their preferred luxury hotel.

Because of ConferenceDirect’s volume of booking almost 4 million rooms annually and both CD and SH’s long-term relationship with this luxury brand, SH CD has been able to book the same hotel with the same very low rate for several years running.

Now the planner can focus on marketing the meeting, planning the content and taking care of her board and attendees.

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