Site Search & Selection

At no cost to you, ConferenceDirect will research, review, create and deliver a comprehensive, unbiased report of all available “best fit” venues for your event.

Anybody with access to the internet can dump a list of 500 properties on your desk, but only a seasoned professional is capable of narrowing that list down to the venues best suited for your event’s timeline, budget, and logistical needs.

Having a successful, well-attended, cost-effective event starts with securing the perfect venue. Stop wasting time blindly searching the internet and call ConferenceDirect. We streamline the entire search process, and present only the most relevant destinations for your consideration.

Step 1: Find the Perfect Destination

  • We bring to the table first-hand knowledge and experience of thousands of cities in 40 different countries worldwide
  • Relationships with key global and regional hotel brands backed by a solid preferred hotel program
  • Internal access to Associate experiences and feedback for thousands of booked events
  • Strategic relationships with DMO’s and CVB’s globally for expert advice on the destination


Step 2: Prepare and Send Meeting RFPs

  • Compare and contrast what each city and property has to offer
  • Review up-to-the-minute occupancy rates, guest satisfaction profiles, room block availability, and pricing history.
  • Prepare and send meeting RFPs only to the best-suited, and most appropriate properties.


Step 3: Review RFP Responses & Compare Quotes

  • Collect and review all RFP responses, comparing details such as F&B minimum, concessions, date flexibility and total estimated cost side by side to make the best selection for your event

We simplify the site search, review and selection process.

Single Point of Contact
Susan Henderson is your single point of contact while planning your event. She and her quarter century of industry experience are here to listen, ask questions, and provide support so you can focus on meeting your corporate objectives.

Independent Representation
There are 58,000+ hotels in the United States, and because we’re truly independent, ConferenceDirect represents all of them. This gives you a diverse and comprehensive set of options when it comes to choosing the best venue for your event.

Site Inspection Assistance
Once a location is selected you may choose to have a site inspection to get a firsthand look at the venue and its opportunities.  We will plan your trip from take-off to touch-down, setting up appointments for you to meet with hotels and destination marketing entities.

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